We Care

As the world’s largest designer, manufacturer, and distributors of party products, Amscan brings joy to millions of people worldwide, helping them celebrate!

We continue to provide the same exciting products, now leading the way in our commitment to a more sustainable future!

Taking accountability and ownership where possible, through all areas of our vertically integrated company, we’re putting our corporate responsibility at the front line of thought when designing, manufacturing and distributing our portfolio.


Our Business

GHC Emissions

Measuring and mitigating the impact that our business has on the environment is of key importance to us. Therefore, we are pleased to have partnered with sustainability consultancy Climate Partner, to measure and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

We will also soon be introducing several offset projects in areas where we manufacture our products in order to give back to the local communities

FSC® Certification

We are proud to be FSC® certified!

The Forest Stewardship Council® A. C. is an international non-profit, multistakeholder organization established in 1993, which promotes responsible management of the world's forests via timber certification.

You will find a growing range of both our products and packaging are migrating to be FSC-certified, so look out for FSC-certified logo on our individual item pages.

Pro Environmental Balloon Alliance

The Pro Environmental Balloon Alliance (PEBA) is an association which supports effective changes to legislation that bans the deliberate release of balloons in order to prevent littering and reduce environmental impact.

Greater consultation is required between PEBA and other environmental groups and corporate bodies in order to develop policies that are environmentally responsible, while at the same time being unrestrictive on balloon artists/small business owners and their livelihood.

Amscan is a PEBA member and is in full support of the steps that PEBA is taking to drive environmentally responsible change within the balloon industry.

Our products


We have significantly reduced the volume of plastic we use, by wherever possible removing it from our packaging. This includes garment covers and additional accessory bags.

We are currently researching solutions for a new, eco-friendlier alternative.

Additionally, we have reduced our waste resulting from sampling during development by 25% from last year and have set targets to reduce this further in the coming years.

Our first to market sustainable costume range, which was launched for Halloween 2020, has been expanding ever since and now includes multiple styles across the licensed category, seasonal and career costumes. These designs are made from 100% recycled polyester (exclusive of trims), fully machine washable and packed in a cardboard box that includes a fun craft activity to help give packaging a second life.

Foil and Latex

All our latex balloons are made of natural latex, also known as caoutchouc. This natural and renewable raw material is obtained from rubber trees, which do a great job at filtering CO2 from the air, in turn, helping us reduce pollution and are home to many birds, insects, and animals. And they are not hurt during the extraction process!

Our latex balloons are made without using any fillers, extenders, plasticizers or any cost reducing agents and have excellent helium and air retention. They also fulfill the highest safety and quality standards.

Our foil balloons are reusable and can be reinflated up to 4-5 times without losing their quality. The easiest way to deflate them is by inserting a straw with a length of at least 7.5 cm into the valve and pressing lightly on the balloon. And not to mention, we prioritize air filled solutions vs. helium, which means that the balloons are less likely to float away and end up in the environment.


We are conscious of the materials that we use and as a result are re-engineering many of our products and their packaging, redesigning, and rescaling where appropriate.

Over the last year, we transitioned a large number of our plastic products to paper along with their packaging too. As mentioned we also have introduced both FSC and compostable formats to our options.

Moreover, we are working on extending the life cycle of our products, thus promoting the “Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle" philosophy and we are designing products with a secondary purpose in mind.

Our packaging has also been reengineered, with many of our product lines being switched from plastic to paper packaging and also more considered sizing too.



In order to adapt to evolving guidelines around single use tableware items, we are continually looking to source new products which align with sustainability legislation.

We have recently launched tableware ranges which include paper plates without the plastic coatings. Finding new sustainable product options and updating ranges are an important consideration to Amscan as we evolve to the legislation around sustainability. While this presents its challenges, we are taking a proactive approach with product development and research.

Our people

Our social commitment

The wellbeing of our employees and local communities in which we operate is of utmost importance to us.

We are committed to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have invested in the local communities providing people with employment and a source of income and thus decreasing the poverty levels in those areas and promoting economic growth.

We also provide full employment and decent work with equal pay and through our strict auditing process ensure no forced labour, modern slavery or child labour is used at any of the facilities that manufacture our products.

Our company also promotes diversity and equal opportunity, women in leadership and equal remuneration for women and men. We provide an inclusive environment for employees from all cultural and social backgrounds.