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Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Sale

Sale of goods and/or hiring is made on the basis that these conditions must apply to the exclusion of any conditions. Any variation or alteration must be agreed to in writing between you and BA Party Supplies ABN 31 615 724 224. These conditions will become binding upon Balloon Agencies acceptance of your order.

Any quotation BA Party Supplies provides may be varied or withdrawn at any time up to the time of delivery and will lapse on any specified validity date.

Trading Terms

Trading terms are strictly cash before delivery unless prior credit arrangements have been agreed by BA Party Supplies in writing, in which case the terms of payment will be strictly net cash as advised to you. You have no right to retain monies beyond that time. BA Party Supplies will only accept credit card payment for accounts in the month that the goods are supplied to you.

Availability of Stock

If for any reason the goods ordered are unavailable, BA Party Supplies reserve the right to substitute alternative goods provided they are reasonably equivalent in all respects (unless your order specifies otherwise).


A surcharge fee of $10 plus GST will be applied to invoices with a net value below $100. A surcharge fee of $10 plus GST will be applied to invoices with a net value below $50 on pick up and warehouse orders. If you require your order to be sent direct to your customer a service fee of $10 plus GST is applicable.


Placement of orders between Monday - Friday will be dispatched within 2 working days. Orders placed on weekends or Public Holidays will be processed on the following working day and the same process applies. From dispatch, transit times vary depending on upon freight method selected and your location. If unsure about the transit times please phone to confirm with our team. Pick up orders are welcomed and please allow up to 24 hrs from start of next business day to pick up the goods (this includes orders for inflations). Once an order is picked and packed we are unable to add additional stock to the order. It will be deemed as a new order and entered into our system accordingly. Extra charges maybe applied at this time. Stock that can not be fulfilled at the original time of ordering will be placed on an open back order which will be used when placing your next order. If you choose not to back order please notify BA Party Supplies staff of this.


Once an order is placed with BA Party Supplies to cancel this you will be charged a 20% restocking fee of the total amount of your order. Failure to pay the restocking fee will result in your website login being terminated and the account suspended until such time as the outstanding monies are paid.


Delivery will take place at our premises where your order is accepted unless BA Party Supplies agree at your cost to arrange carriage to an address specified by you, in which case delivery will take place at that address. Carriage may be affected by BA Party Supplies or by a carrier selected by BA Party Supplies unless otherwise specified. You will provide all necessary labour and equipment to off load the goods at a reasonable access point at the address specified for delivery.


The price of all goods and services (unless otherwise specified in writing) is exclusive of all and any statutory taxes. It is also exclusive of charges that may occur including, but not limited to, all goods and services taxes at the rate applicable at the time of delivery. We reserve the right to change prices at our discretion.

Returns Policy

Claims for damaged or defective goods or incorrect delivery must be made within three business days of delivery. Where any goods are returned to the manufacturer or supplier they remain at your risk pending acceptance of liability by the manufacturer or supplier. Goods that have been found to have manufacturing defects will be replaced at no charge or a credit to your account (if applicable) provided a copy of the relevant invoice accompanies the returned items.
Without limiting in anyway the application of the preceding paragraph, BA Party Supplies will not replace foil balloons which have been:

  • Overblown (as indicated by tears along the seam area) burned, or have puncture holes, poorly sealed (as evidenced by wrinkles in the neck of a heat-sealed balloon when supplied flat), exposed to moisture of any form, roughly handled, improperly stored, or balloons exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight;
  • Any returns arriving COD or collect will be refused;
  • Seasonal items will not be accepted for return after end of the particular season. The restocking charge will be fifteen percent of the value of the returned goods with a minimum restocking charge of ten dollars; and
  • Part packages will not be accepted for return.
BA Party Supplies do not accept any liability or make any warranty in relation to the goods except as provided herein or as required by law. Under no circumstances shall our liability exceed the purchase price of the goods. BA Party Supplies will not be liable for any loss or damage which is consequential, indirect or due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

Hired Goods – Cylinders & Air Inflators

You are responsible for the care and storage of all goods that are hired such as gas cylinders and electric air inflators (“the Hired Goods”) until they are returned to BA Party Supplies. If hired goods are lost or damaged you will be charged for the costs of replacement or repair (as decided by us). If you are a credit customer, BA Party Supplies may include these amounts on your account.

Treat helium cylinders with respect, they contain contents under pressure, use only as directed in instructions. Do not use any cylinder that is leaking or damaged. If you suspect it is contact BA Party Supplies immediately.

BA Party Supplies are a on-seller of helium gas and hire cylinders to you subject to an agreement with the suppliers of both the gas and cylinders who may change from time to time (“the Relevant Gas Supplier”). You acknowledge that the use of any cylinders and / or helium gas is supplied to you on the basis that the prevailing general terms and conditions of supply of the Relevant Gas Supplier apply to the terms of sale and / or hiring, and those general terms and conditions of supply will be treated as terms and conditions of these trading terms. BA Party Supplies terms and conditions will apply to the extent of any inconsistency between Relevant Gas Supplier trading terms and these terms. A copy of the Relevant Gas Supplier general terms and conditions of sale may be made available on request.

Rental is charged on any permanent cylinders that you hold at the applicable rate and will be charged at such times as BA Party Supplies determine provided these amounts are not charged more frequently than monthly. You will be individually charged for each extra cylinder that you hold on a day of each month that BA Party Supplies advise you in writing (which day will ordinarily accord with the date nominated by the Relevant Gas Supplier).

You are responsible to ensure that any hired goods are used in a safe and sensible manner and that they are returned to BA Party Supplies in a safe and good condition.

You will indemnify BA Party Supplies and keep BA Party Supplies indemnified against all loss, damage or injury (whether property, personal or otherwise) arising out of any negligent act or omission act or default by you in the use of the Hired Goods.