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Custom Print Balloons

Already know about Custom Printed Balloons? Custom Print Balloons


Looking for Custom Printed Balloons?

BA Party Supplies provides a custom balloon printing service assisting you to effectively promote your brand, event, message or to personalise a special occasion. All of our balloons are printed in Australia and our normal print time is 5-7 days however, we can dispatch within 24 hours* using the rush service.


Advantages of Custom Printed Balloons

Custom Printed Balloons are proven to be a successful way of:


  • Capturing the attention of the target market and increasing brand awareness with eye-catching colour and movement
  • Promoting a particular event
  • Spreading a message or launching new products
  • Are a cost effective method of mobile advertising
  • Providing a take-home promotional item that reinforces the brand
  • Creating eye-catching displays at trade shows, exhibitions, shopping centre promotions, conferences and parties.

Growing in popularity is the use of Custom Printed Balloons for special occasions and personal events such as:


    • Milestone birthdays
    • Anniversaries
    • Engagements
    • Weddings

Custom printing allows you to add a very special touch to these once in a life time occasions.


Premium Quality Balloons and Printing

The latex balloons that we use for custom printing are premium, helium quality, 100% biodegradable natural latex available in over 60 vibrant colours and are a preferred choice of balloon decorators


  • Shape – Our balloons inflate to the ideal shape and the long neck makes them easy to tie. The latex features superior helium retention for the longest flying time (18-22 hours**), an exceptional, professional choice.
  • Size – They are generous in size across all types of finish (pearl, fashion, metallic, pastel and crystal) and are the perfect complement to a 30cm balloon. Other sizes are available to print please contact our team for further information
  • Colour – Colour is the essence of a balloon. It is responsible for impact, stimulation, creating a mood and theming. We recognise that importance of colour and our range reflects this. 
  • Resilience & Workability – All of our balloon are made of soft, easy to handle latex making it durable and long lasting with a low burst rate.

Our printers are innovative and constantly searching for new technology as it becomes available.


  • Printing - We are able to print up to 4 colours (8 screens) on a balloon including logo’s, messages and stipple photos.
  • Inks – We use only the highest quality ink available for latex printing and have a vast range of colours with the ability to match any PMS colour.


As well as helium, we supply a wide range of balloon accessories assisting you to create effective, professional displays with ease.


Custom Print Balloons

Cups and Sticks – for air-filled balloons

Cups and sticks are a cost effective way of presenting your printed balloons as they only require air inflation, saving you from purchasing helium. They are perfect for use in shopping centres where helium balloons are usually prohibited. Air-filled balloons also stay inflated longer and can be pre-inflated prior to your event. 


Custom Print Balloons

Manual and Electric Balloon Pumps

Balloon pumps are used to air-inflate balloons and are available in manual hand pumps or electric options.   


Custom Print Balloons

 Pre-tied Clips and Ribbons - for helium inflated balloons 

Pre-ties are a 1.5m pre-cut, length of coloured ribbon tied to a round, plastic clip allowing you to quickly and easily attach the helium inflated balloon. They are available in a full range of colours.



The overall balloon print quality depends on the artwork provided. Please refer to our Artwork Requirements to help us achieve first class results on your job.


* 24 hour dispatch time incurs an additional charge; please speak to our Customer Service Team for more details.
** Actual flying time depends on atmospheric conditions


Custom Print Balloons

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Sticks & Cups are used for air filled balloons & Ribbons & Clips are used for helium filled balloons

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Need custom print balloons?

BA Party Supplies provides a custom balloon printing service. Our balloons are premium quality and can be helium or air inflated.

So why not display your brand or celebrate that special occasion today with printed balloons. We know here at BA Party Supplies you will be satisfied with our impeccable service and quality.

If you have any questions, please contact us on (07) 3808 3022 Mon - Fri 8am to 4pm or fill out the form above.

Custom Balloon Print Promo

Why custom print balloons?

  • Make your brand stand out
  • Balloons make a statement
  • Lots of designs possible
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Cost effective which means more bang for your buck!


Professional customer service and prompt order turnaround times supporting the success of your business needs.


We ship directly to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast